School Message

Welcome to Win Ferguson!

I am so excited to be the principal of Win Ferguson.

Our staff are very excited to begin the new school year, to welcome back our returning students and to greet those joining us for the first time! I want to thank you all for the opportunity to serve you and your families.

The first days of school are a time of excitement and renewal for students, parents and staff alike. Seeing old friends and making new ones, talking with last year’s teachers and meeting this year’s, walking by a classroom of memories to create more in the next one. Building on past success, creating new learning opportunities and developing new relationships are all the best parts of a new school year.

As a staff, we are committed to serving our students and their families to the best of our abilities. Our goal is to create and nurture a community where:

  • we see everyone as a learner - children and adults alike
  • we face with challenges by working to support our students and engage them in building the skills they need to succeed
  • we engage in clear and consistent communication with home, not only to inform, but also to seek input into how we can best meet the needs of our students
  • we are committed to continuous improvement in order to provide the highest quality education to our students and most effective services to our families

As a staff we look forward to learning alongside our students. I wish you all the best for the upcoming school year.


Lana Lastiwka