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New Bus Status App Available

A new version of the Bus Status app is now available. If you haven’t already, we encourage all families to download the new version from the App Store or Google Play. After downloading, make sure to delete the older version from your device.

All information from the Division Bus Status page is currently pushing out to both the old and new versions of the app, so you’ll receive updates regardless of the app you’re using. However, at the end of the school year, the old version of the app will no longer work. Families will need to ensure they’ve downloaded the new version of the app to receive updates about bus delays and cancellations in 2019-20.

The changes aren’t specifically related to the overall functionality of the app—it’s much the same as the current version. What is changing is it’s now one unified app available for download rather than each school division having a separate app. The first time you open the new app, it will prompt you to select Elk Island Public Schools from the list of school divisions. After that, you will use the app the same way you have in the past. You can re-select your favorite routes and update them as needed. You’ll also continue to receive push notifications about delays and cancellations the same way you do now.

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