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Access to School to pick up personal belongings and resources

Hello Win Ferguson Families,

As classes are cancelled indefinitely, we want to give all families a chance to come to the school and pick up school supplies, resources and personal belongings. Given the recommendations from Alberta Health and our Division related to limiting the spread of COVID-19, and in order to facilitate this in an orderly manner we are:

  • asking families to come on specific days during specified times to ensure that we do not have too many people at school at one time
  • only one person per family come to pick up the supplies
  • days for families to come to the school will be staggered according to the schedule below
  • time in school be limited to the time it takes you to collect supplies, and drop off school resources
  • requiring all families who come to the school to ensure they are healthy symptom free and not following self-isolation protocols
  • asking families to enter the school through the main doors only
  • Requesting that all visitors follow “cover your cough/sneeze” practices
  • Requiring all families to follow social distancing protocols
  • use non-touch greetings - waving, thumbs up etc.

*When families with children in class 23 come, please go to the area labelled class 23 in the gym. All supplies from their grade 2 and 3 classes will be together.

When you arrive at the school, you will be directed to the gym. All materials will be arranged in classes, and clearly labelled for you to pick up, and staff will be present to assist you.

We ask that when you come, you also return materials such as library books, home reading books, sports jerseys, and school recorders. A bin will be provided for this for each class.

If your child has medication that is kept in the office, stop by and pick this up at this time as well.

The items from the lost and found will also be displayed in the gym, please take a quick moment to see if any of the items belong to your child.


The schedule for pick up is as follows:

Wednesday, March 18 – Families with surnames A through H

Thursday, March 19 – Families with surnames I through P

Friday, March 20 – Families with surnames Q through Z


For all three days, the times for pick up are from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. We will be limiting the number of people who have access to the gym at one time.

If none of the specified times work for your family, there will be additional opportunities by appointment the following week. Please call the school at 780-988-1441 to arrange a time.

We thank you for your understanding and support as we work through what our next steps will be as a school community.

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