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Update to EIPS Operations Guidelines: 2021-22

Today, Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) posted an updated version of its EIPS Operations Guidelines: 2021-22 online. The document outlines how schools are operating and the public-health measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Updates and additions were made throughout the document to reflect the province’s current state of public-health emergency and related public-health orders. EIPS encourages everyone to read through the updated operations guidelines, and reference the document, on an ongoing basis.

EIPS Operations Guidelines: 2021-22

Below are a few highlights of some of the changes made to the document:

page 5  – update to proof of vaccination requirements for staff, contractors and volunteers

pages 6-8 – significant changes made to reflect the new provincial public-health measures related to infectious in-school COVID-19 cases—exposure groups, exclusion from school, public reporting and a rapid-test initiative

page 16  – update to school-based meetings

page 16  – update to public-health measures for libraries and learning commons

page 19  – clarification to "Visitors, Volunteers and Service Providers Entering and EIPS Facility”

As well, here is a guide to assist in determining when to keep your child home from school and when it’s safe to return:


Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation through the pandemic.


Elk Island Public Schools


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